About Mutual Patient™

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A no cost service to Dentists, Specialists, and Certified Dental Lab Technicians

Created exclusively for the dental industry, MutualPatient™ is a centralized, collaborative platform that allows doctors to jointly manage mutual patient treatment in a real-time, user-friendly format.

Patient Referrals Made Simple!

  • Real time, Multi-User Access

    Instant access to referral letters, treatment history, progress reports, radiographs, and more. Manage patient cases remotely and in real time, while on travel or away from the office.
  • Technical Advantage

    Share digital radiographs and images with all attending doctors — even the dental lab — to thoroughly oversee the treatment management process from beginning to end.
  • Increase Patient Referrals

    Your practice information will be available to other referring doctors in your area.
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis

    In-depth analysis of referring doctor summaries, case acceptance statistics, treatment timelines and more.
  • Improved Efficiency

    No more missing and incomplete mutual patient information using a simple, user-friendly submission process.

Real time, multi-user access to all treatment documentation

  • Multi-User Access means both doctors and dental laboratories can see patient information simultaneously. Simply phone your colleague, log in to MutualPatient™ and you're both viewing the same case information at the same time.
  • Instant access to edits and updates - All updates made to a patient's chart are accessible immediately and in "real time". Upload a digital radiograph of tooth #18 and immediately phone your referring doctor to discuss - it's that easy!
  • Email notifications let all attending Doctors know when a new patient has been referred, treatment performed, or changes have been made to your case.

Technical Advantage - Going "Digital" and "Green" at the Same Time

Digital technologies and EHR's (Electronic Health Records) are quickly becoming the standard in today's medical and dental industries. MutualPatient™ helps achieve the goal of becoming a paperless, digital practice while "Going Green" at the same time.

Since all submissions are done directly through MutualPatient™, edits and updates to all cases are made instantly and precisely - no more legibility issues or missing information. Multiple attending doctors as well as dental labs can now view the referral information simultaneously so each participant is literally on the same page when reviewing patient profiles and prognosis.