About Mutual Patient™

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A no cost service to Dentists, Specialists, and Certified Dental Lab Technicians

Created exclusively for the dental industry, MutualPatient™ is a centralized, collaborative platform that allows doctors to jointly manage mutual patient treatment in a real-time, user-friendly format.

Take advantage of MutualPatient™ to Increase Patient Referrals!

Improve Practice Visibility and Efficiency At the Same Time!

  • Increase production Increase production - Gain access to more detailed and streamlined referral documentation. Data reporting allows in-depth tracking of referral origination, frequencies, treatment timelines and more!
  • Grow your referring doctor base - Make your information visible to referring doctors in your community by adding your information to the MutualPatient™ directory.
  • Eliminate endless phone calls to locate missing referral and lab slips, radiographs of poor quality and lost emails and faxes – It's all available on MutualPatient™. No more legibility issues or missing information.
  • Improve the Patient experience by having what you need, when you need it – all in one location!