About Mutual Patient™

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A no cost service to Dentists, Specialists, and Certified Dental Lab Technicians

Created exclusively for the dental industry, MutualPatient™ is a centralized, collaborative platform that allows doctors to jointly manage mutual patient treatment in a real-time, user-friendly format.

Track your Progress with MutualPatient™

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Monitor referrals on a regular basis, using the MutualPatient™ reporting system. Whether a generalist or specialist doctor, regularly tracking your patient referrals is critical to the success and growth of your practice. MutualPatient™ reporting reveals:

  • How many referrals have been sent out / received in a given period?
  • What were the case acceptance rates for that period?
  • Who are your most frequent referring doctors?
  • Who do you refer your patients to most often?
  • What procedures are most commonly referred to / from your practice?
  • And More!

A Secure, Centralized Location for all Patient Referrals

The privacy of both participating doctors and the patients they serve is a primary feature of the MutualPatient™ referral system. All uploaded information is protected using a secure encryption program that ensures all records are 100% protected and in compliance with HIPAA standards.

In addition, each account is password protected and all participating doctors are verified prior to being granted access to the MutualPatient™ system. Confidentiality is our top priority - only the colleagues you choose to share treatment information with are granted access.