Mutual Patient™ Terms of Service

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Created exclusively for the dental industry, MutualPatient™ is a centralized, collaborative platform that allows doctors to jointly manage mutual patient treatment in a real-time, user-friendly format.

Terms of Service Policy

By registering as a user of the MutualPatient™ Referral Management System, I agree to act in accordance with all HIPAA rules and regulations as they pertain directly to my patient's privacy protection. I hereby acknowledge that I am a dental professional who plays a direct role in rendering dental health services and related treatment for the direct benefit of the intended patient. I therefore have a reasonable need for access to the MutualPatient™ Referral Management System and the information contained therein as it will assist me in the aforementioned treatment process.

I agree to use MutualPatient™ solely for the intended purpose of patient diagnosis and treatment and understand that any unlawful and/or unauthorized disclosure on my behalf constitutes a violation of HIPAA and MutualPatient™ regulations and can result in legal action against me and any other party or parties that access my patient information with my consent - written, verbal or otherwise. I further understand that my MutualPatient™ account can be revoked by the MutualPatient™ administrator for any reason and at any time.

I agree to release MutualPatient™ of any and all liability in the event my information and / or my patients' information is compromised as a result of my failing to comply with any or all user regulations specified herein.

I agree that in the event I grant access to an individual or individuals to access my MutualPatient™ profile I am still held responsible for upholding any and all security, privacy, HIPAA and related regulations.

I authorize the MutualPatient™ team to access my user profile and any related patient, lab, and treatment information as necessary to facilitate the MutualPatient™ Referral Management System.